Dr. Guichet offers Limb Lengthening Surgery and Advanced Reconstructive Surgery. Your safety and results are our first concern. To ensure your success, Dr. Guichet crafted for you the most personal and integrated procedure to date. He also pioneered bone lengthening with his gradual elongation nail. Besides Reconstruction surgery, he also developed Cosmetic Stature Surgery, thanks to the only intramedullary nail, which allows you to walk and do sports during bone lengthening.

Exclusive Care, Cutting-Edge Technology

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The new Guichet nail, outcome of 25 years of research, is the most advanced and safest nail to date. Engineered for maximum recovery, you can now:

• Recover walking, right after surgery

• Resume sport like bike, on the same day as the surgery

• Stop pain killers up to two weeks after surgery

“I make sure that patients perform 20 to 30 minutes of cycling on the same day or on the first day after surgery” Dr. Guichet.

The Dr. Guichet’s team will offer you tailored services, while providing you with the cutting-edge medical services:

• Dr. Guichet’s signature follow-up program enables the most complete monitoring of your body parameters

• Get your training in state-of-the-art FIFA facilities, and gyms coached by Dr. Guichet’s teams

• You have the choice of custom and exclusive programs – for housing, training and more

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Success Stories

Before, I was dreaming a Life, now I am living a Dream


During my time in Marseille, I was able to shop, go to the beach, watch a ballet and go to several restaurants, I’m not sure there are many other methods that will let you do that. Dr. Guichet knows exactly what he’s doing — he invented this method!


He never let me down and was available 24/7 on his phone. I called him on a Saturday, once, and 30 min later he went to my rental flat. The relation is comparable to him being more of a friend than a surgeon.


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