Global Cities, Home-Grade Services


A contemporary, all-inclusive, five-star inspired experience.

Address: Studio Medico Dr. JM Guichet

44 Corso Magenta, 20123 Milano

Tel: +39 32 86 34 29 41


Milano is a busy European capital in the heart of Italy. This vibrant hub for music, fashion and design offers the highest standards of restaurants, shops and nightlife. On top of that, it’s historical beauty and traditions give this city a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can fly between Milan and all major international airports directly, and upon arrival you will be delighted by the contemporary design of the gym facilities.


Brand new facilities and a vibrant cosmopolitan experience.

Address: Princess Grace Hospital

30 Devonshire Street, Marylebone
W1G 6JH London, UK

Tel: +44 20 74 86 05 91


The beautiful British metropolis, London has more sights and activities than you could possibly imagine. The mix of new and old architecture and the unique professional environment make this city the world’s thriving business capital. With excellent transport links and an underground station around every corner, you’re never far from a fantastic experience. The Brand New Isokinetic FIFA Centre and the Princess Grace Hospital help to ensure a high-quality lengthening experience.


A relaxed holiday feel, with a high quality service experience.

Address: Centre Phocea, 14 Bd Gustave

Ganay, 13009 Marseille

Tel: +33 6 74 16 38 90

The combination of the warm Mediterranean climate and the excellent sightseeing, culture and food make Marseille a very popular choice among patients. Some have even dubbed this practice ‘The Lengthening Club, Med’. The second largest city in France has a relaxed seaside feel, and is the perfect place for a bit of rest and recuperation. This practice also boasts one of the best hospitals in France and training from an ex-professional football player.

Residences and Organization

Offering practices in three unique cities is a real gift. Each charming city comes with its own benefits, so we are sure that you will find the right environment to get the most out of your lengthening procedure and our rigorous follow-up work.
As all of our options are exclusively tailor-made, you will receive the same level of service whichever location you choose. There are a variety of comfortable accommodation options to choose from. Several include swimming pools, internet access, TV’s and access to nearby supermarkets, pharmacies etc. You can also choose from additional services such as door-to-door assistance and delivery options.

Milano, Italy

Outstanding for its unique mix of historical and contemporary design. From the hospital, national art-deco monument, to gyms decorated by designers, you will feel more like in an all inclusive 5 star journey, ready for success.

Address: Studio SOMA, Via Piccinni 3
20131 Milano (MI)
Phone: +39 32 86 34 29 41

Marseille, France

Known for its weather, beaches and Provencal Style, you will be surrounded by its holiday like atmosphere. And of course, you will benefit from all the top services from ex-pro-socker trainers to one of the best hospitals in France.

Address: Centre Phocea, 14 Bd Gustave
Ganay, 13009 Marseille
Phone: +33 6 74 16 38 90

London, England

With the Brand New Isokinetic FIFA Centre, the Princess Grace Hospital and much more, you can be sure of the quality of your lengthening.

Address: Studio SOMA, Via Piccinni 3
20131 Milano (MI)
Phone: +44 20 74 86 05 91