Initial Consultation



To avoid any potential complications after or during the operation, we always carry out an initial consultation. Using x-rays, the day-long process helps us determine the health of the patient, and the specific requirements their operation will have.
Patients must fill out a medical form detailing the following:

  • Medical history
  • Justification for lengthening
  • Joint and muscle evaluation

We provide patients with all the information they need, specific to their own bodies, and we explain in full the operation and recovery process in detail.

Dr. Guichet, during the initial evaluation consultation, explaining extensively the lengthening procedure.

Dr. Guichet, during the initial evaluation consultation.


In order to get the best results and avoid risks, we carry out a pre-op training program with all our patients.

Using our state of the art morphing program and patient photos, we create graphic images of what your body will look like when the modification is complete.

If patients have any questions even after all of this, we can arrange meetings with past and current patients.