Step 1: Evaluation, Study and Counselling

Listening to you, anywhere

A consultation can take place in any of Dr. Guichet’s offices.


You will be given a comprehensive clinical examination, and engage in a detailed conversation about the process with Dr. Guichet. This will give you idea of your unique preparations required and the way it will fit your result requirements.


Dr. Guichet will explain to you how the lengthening procedure will be completed, and may be able to advise on an operative period or date.

Your Lengthening

An estimate of the cost of your procedure will be determined by which option you choose.


You may be introduced to patients undergoing the same procedure during your lengthening process, and Dr. Guichet offers tours of his Isokinetic Rehab Center should you wish to meet them.


Step 2: Preoperative Preparation

Dr. Guichet’s Unique Preparation Program

After carefully working out your body’s limits, Dr. Guichet and his team will work out the right preparatory training for you.
This training consists of intense gym workouts, focused on your lower body. This can take place in Marseille, London or Milan.

Uncompromising with Your Results

We take your health and your overall experience very seriously, and will be available for discussion throughout the process. It is essential that your muscles are well-prepared in order for the lengthening procedure to work, and allow for a complete recovery. Dr. Guichet will personally review your progress with you, and ensure that your objectives are met.
You will be guided along the way by experts, with access to the best available information on how to prepare both mentally and physically.


Step 3: Hospitalisation and Surgical Procedure

Close to You

Is is essential that you feel completely at ease with the surgery. You will have already met and spoken with staff before surgery takes place. Every patient is treated as an individual and a guest of the clinic.

Confidential State-of-the-art Medical Care

The surgery will take place in a private hospital, to allow for the maximum personal care. The hospital is equipped with TV, internet and a telephone for its patients, and you can bring a family member with you if you wish.

Already Ahead

During the surgery, Dr. Guichet will lengthen the bone by between 5 and 10mm (1/4 to 1/2 inch), enabling your bone tissue to grow and solidify at its maximum capacity. All of this to give you the best head start!
On the first day after the operation, you will be able begin walking to resume full weight-bearing, as well as cycling. This is of the utmost importance for your recovery, and will also reduce the pain you may experience – though don’t worry you’ll still be on painkillers.


You will be discharged two or three days following the procedure.

Step 4: Lengthening Period

Optimized for You

You will perform around 15 clicks per day, which represents 1 mm of gain (1/24 inch). These are to be undertaken every 8 hours, depending to your custom program, a rate which has been researched to be most painless, while also enabling your bone to grow most safely and more quickly.

Unequaled Care and Follow-Up

The follow-up period is our key to your success. During the last 25 years, Dr. Guichet has meticulously revised all of his training parameters, ensuring the most safe, personal follow-up currently medically available. The progress of other patients speak for themselves as evidence but they are also happy to speak with new patients about the experience.


A follow-up book enables you to keep track of ratchets and physical exercises, which are accompanied by photographs. A phone app is currently being developed, and is due for completion within the year.


You will have access to a personal trainer, who will can take care of you as if you were a professional athlete, which will optimise your recovery. This training includes dietary advice and a program of sports. A physiotherapist and other professionals will be available if necessary, and regular appointments with Dr. Guichet will take place to fit your personal needs.
As most post-operative issues take place during the lengthening and healing phases of recovery, staying in the Center founded by Dr. Guichet during this time will minimise any potential issues. This provides the ideal set-up for succeeding, even during the healing phase, through the guidance and recommendations of Dr. Guichet and his team.

Step 5: Healing Phase

Once the lengthening is complete, the bone should take between 4 and 6 months to completely heal.
As you resume your everyday life, it will be explained to you which sports you can practice or avoid, and regular x-rays will be taken.

Step 6: Nail Removal

This is generally performed 18 months after the initial insertion, as a day surgery in an outpatient clinic. It is recommended to use crutches for up to 3 weeks following surgery, and physical exertion is discouraged for around 3 months. Physical activity such as sport will be gradually and completely resumed after a lengthening.


Some procedures are added in order to treat problems associated with the shortening/lengthening disease.