We’re Listening to Your Needs

Dr Guichet has engineered his procedure to allow a flexible schedule, while still ensuring that the training is completed. This means you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite activities for a full recovery.

Your Comfort and Safety, our First Concern

Select Your Package

Our packages are all inclusive and fully organised so that you don’t have to worry about any of the administration.


We want to make this journey as simple as possible for you. However, if you would rather formulate your own package, we can help you choose your ideal accommodation in Milan, London, or Marseilles as well as a preparation and rehab plan at a centre that suits you.

Industry Grade Services

Any service in your chosen location will use the safest and most advanced equipment possible. We see it as our duty to prioritise your safety, so we keep records of all training parameters and adjust them accordingly.


Dr Guichet has a lifetime of experience, which is applied when developing every lengthening procedure and all of the products involved. All of our procedures have been developed in a way that reflects ISO 13485 standards, so we can assure you that your treatment is of the highest quality.

Your Custom Team

Dr. Guichet assigns you a custom team, who will look after you throughout the lengthening process. Unlike with most doctors, you will be made to feel like a guest, not just another patient.


Your team may include experts in sports medicine and rehabilitation, radiologists and cardiologists. Every support team includes a psychologist who will listen and understand your specific desires and needs to ensure your continued peace of mind.


Here are just a few of the professionals that could be a part of your assigned team:

  • Dr. F Louge (Anesthesiologist in Marseilles)
  • Dr. PL Villa (Anesthesiologist in Milan)
  • Dr A. Ranieri (Second Surgeon)
  • Psychiatrists (for evaluation and post-procedural support) include:
    Dr F Salamino
    Dr W De Carvalho
    Dr B Proner
    Dr E Westrich
    Dr R Porto